Neighbours Church Update

Hi, Friends of Neighbours Church,

We are so thankful to see Jesus at work amongst us.

Eleven Praise Reports

  1. Youth Alpha Holy Spirit Weekend went amazing with 9 teenagers spending the day together on Saturday (most of whom are still figuring out the Christian faith).
  2. Staffing is coming together: our worship pastor, kids director, and nursery worker are all hired
  3. Volunteers are stepping up and getting in place
  4. New full website—please check it out
  5. Advertising on social media is going really well; getting a larger audience for our posts than expected
  6. Our Worship Pastor was credentialed at the Rocky Mountain Region OPEN DOOR in February with the ACOP
  7. Outreach connections are expanding now that things are opening-up
  8. God has provided the equipment to work in the Barrhaven Cineplex theatre we are meeting in
  9. Adult Alpha continues to go well
  10. Thankful for all the churches from so many different denominations (ACOP, PAOC, MB, Southern Baptist, Alliance, Vineyard, and Independent) that have blessed us (with money, people, and equipment), prayed over us (in services and at other times), and supported us (by speaking well of our church as part of the Kingdom need in Ottawa) … it has been one of the great unexpected gifts of this journey
  11. Final CRA steps completed for charitable status

Three Key Prayer Requests

  1. Launch Sunday
    • For people to come who do not have a church home or know Christ personally.
    • For the details and administration we still need to look after (and likely still think of in some cases).
    • For the volunteers needed in kids ministry, sound, set up, and the worship team.
  2. Launch Team
    • For others to join us
    • For the health and well being of the launch team and their families as their have been a lot of challenges in people’s lives
  3. New Ground
    • Please pray for the spiritual battle, between the Kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of light, that is going on as we plant a new church
    • Please pray for those that will be distracted, busy, and otherwise preoccupied who Jesus is trying to reach or get involved

Three Things You Can Do to Help

  1. Pray
  2. Share our advertising videos and posts on social media and help us to get the word out about the start of the church
  3. Invite friends you know who live in Ottawa to join us on Easter Sunday, April 17 @ 10 am

Chris Stevens

Planter, Pastor