Handle With Care

Handle with Care Ministries partners with churches to provide training, support, and care for Children’s Ministry leaders and their church families.

Training: We equip CM teams with tools and skills and give them inspiring and informative sessions to see your children’s ministry grow with online and onsite training opportunities.

Support: CM Leaders’ perspective on their circumstances, relevant information, and a listening ear to receive breakthroughs in their ministry. We do this through coaching, consulting, and referring them to resources that will help them with their needs.

Care: Taking care of your mind, will and emotions is a vital part of how a leader functions in their role at church and we want to handle your heart with care as a leader.

Handle with Care Ministries continues to be innovative in creating “out of the box” curriculum that empowers leaders to grow in discipleship for themselves and then allows them to teach out of the overflow of their hearts to the children and families God has called them to serve.

Prayer Requests:

  • As restrictions lift across Alberta and throughout Canada, pray for guidance by the Holy Spirit to go where He wants me to go physically.
  • Pray for connections and relationships so I can disciple more children and Children’s Ministry Leaders through the Kids and Family Encounters.
  • Pray for courage to continue to pioneer creative ways to reach kids and families through Handle with Care.