Advance Summit 2024

Dear Friends,

Let’s connect in Calgary and fan the flames of evangelism together.

It was such a joy to host the Advance Summit in Calgary in early 2023. I think Dr. Roger Helland, who serves as EFC’s Payer Ambassador, summed our time together well:

“The Advance Summit was a transformational time packed with inspiration and instruction, deep fellowship, and delicious food, permeated by the Spirit’s presence in worship, prayer, and prophecy. It culminated with a compelling call and impartation to be evangelists reactivated in the church into the community, who meet together in Advance groups for mutual encouragement and equipping. I highly recommend it. “

We are gathering from across Canada again. Don’t miss out!

Evangelists and leaders from Canada will gather again at Foothills Alliance Church February 20-22. I am excited that Alan Hirsch will be with us. Alan will be challenging us to have a grander vision of God and a bigger gospel and will issue a prophetic call to embark on a journey of metanoia together. My wife, Morag, loves hearing Alan, “because he always brings us back to Jesus.” Here is an opportunity to re-Jesus in the company of a beloved missional thought leader.

Renowned evangelist and author, Becky Pippert is back with us by popular demand. The late Tim Keller stated,” Out of the Saltshaker was one of the most important books on evangelism written over the last generation. Stay Salt may be the best book on witness for the next generation. I don’t know of a more lucid or penetrating book on evangelism to put into the hands of a Christian.”

Our Summit is a time for evangelists to be strengthened and encouraged in life and ministry.

It’s a time for leaders to be inspired “to do the work of an evangelist.”

It’s a catalytic gathering to embolden everyday Christians in showing and sharing the love of Jesus.

I am looking forward to three days of inspiration, worship, fellowship, connecting, life-giving conversations, impartation, and activation.

We want to encourage leaders on the journey of Deep Change to cultivate cultures of evangelism. To support that we will be launching learning communities out of the Advance Summit. I am thrilled that Alan Hirsch, Rich Robinson (Movement Leaders Collective), and Paul Williams (Message Canada) will serve and support these learning communities as mentors, guides, and facilitators. We want to serve ministry leaders and pastoral teams in turning up the evangelism heat in their constituencies and congregations.

We will also be launching the Advance Canadian Evangelists Network as an affiliate and expression of the Global Network of Evangelists. If you are an evangelist, please join me in Calgary.

We will also hear from our friends Kyle Harnett, Daniel Im, Sarah Hunter, Raphael Anzenberger, Maxime Cauchon, and Roger Helland. We will have time and space to network and break out to serve you in your specific outreach expression.

Register now and enjoy the Early Bird Discount.

May the LORD bless you mightily!

Yours for Jesus and the harvest,


Rev. Dr. Bill Hogg

National Evangelist & CLT member, ACOP

National Director , Message Canada

Lead for Advance Canada