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  • BC Revival Services

    Sonrise Church is pleased to announce the launching of BC Revival Services as a multiplication of our Church. This plant started on March 13, 2022 and is a Kinyamulenge-speaking group with roots in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They have a vision to “connect the unconnected to Christ, and to have the generations participate in […]

  • Neigbours Church

    Neigbours Church

    CONGRATULATIONS to Pastor Chris Stevens and his team for a very successful church plant launch of “NEIGHBOURS CHURCH” in the city of Ottawa. They celebrated the resurrection of Jesus with their first Neighbours Church Service at the Cineplex Odeon Theatre. Lead Pastor, Chris Stevens shared, “What incredible life there was: The presence of Jesus was […]

  • Neighbours Church Update

    Neighbours Church Update

    Hi, Friends of Neighbours Church, We are so thankful to see Jesus at work amongst us. Eleven Praise Reports Youth Alpha Holy Spirit Weekend went amazing with 9 teenagers spending the day together on Saturday (most of whom are still figuring out the Christian faith). Staffing is coming together: our worship pastor, kids director, and […]