BC Revival Services

Sonrise Church is pleased to announce the launching of BC Revival Services as a multiplication of our Church.

This plant started on March 13, 2022 and is a Kinyamulenge-speaking group with roots in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

They have a vision to “connect the unconnected to Christ, and to have the generations participate in Gospel teaching, to restore hope and transform lives.”

With powerful, expressive worship and anointed preaching, BCRS is making an impact in a cultural group that doesn’t have an expression of the church in our region.

Through the leadership of Jacque Ngenda and Muhizi Bipamba, BCRS desires to inspire, connect young and old generations to love Jesus, and reveal God’s grace through teaching, outreach, evangelism, and empowerment services.

They will host their first conference weekend on May 27-29 where they will gather their community to hear from special guest speakers and be challenged in the mission. 

Join us in welcoming BCRS to the ACOP family!